Saturday, February 07, 2004
      ( 8:05 PM ) prissygk  

Thursday, February 05, 2004
      ( 12:01 AM ) prissygk  
Well another nite and I caint sleep. I dont know why.I just know that there is something bothering me and I caint put my finger on it,I fel restless and nervouse and Out of control. I can feel something is coming and I done know what.
I know I am worried about Eric going back to work. I am just a little worried about wether or not they are going to punish him for being gone so long.
Then there is the fact that I am constantly messing up at work and I am a little afraid they are getting sick of it. For an example on Sunaday I did software to about 12 diffrent machines that wasnt due to be spread until later on this week. Which wouldnt have mattered if it wasnt for the fact I installed feeds that were brand new ones. I was just starting to get my boss to think I was doing better, I just wonder if I chose the right profession. I dont seem to be good at it, and it is way too late to change it now. Not to mention the fact that I have spent 20,000 in tuition.
Then my son has to go through seurgory. Which its not magor but its the first time he is nervouse and I just hope I can be patient enough to get him through it ok. I am worried about all 3 kids.


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